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Seldom do you find such a talented designer and craftsman in the one. Your work is extraordinary.”
-Randell L. Makinson, author, architect and historian
“Everything you have sent me has exceeded my expectations, I trust your judgment completely...and there aren't many people I can say that to."

-Bill Evans, President, The Lodge At Torrey Pines, La Jolla, CA
“No one else is doing this the way you are. Beautiful work."
-Paul Duchscherer, author, designer and historian
“Joseph is an extremely talented, skilled and dedicated artist. I have had the pleasure of working with him over an extended period of time and place great value on his resourceful and innovative sense of both design and craft. He is untiring in his search for content within his forms and for ways to recognize and celebrate the inherent art of making his work. His work has an enduring quality that seems to, at the same time, be completely integrated with the rest of the building and to raise the whole building to a higher standard.”
-Kent Duffy, principal architect, SRG Partnership, Portland, OR
“How can I thank you for the beauty you've brought into my life with the magnificent copper frieze you made for my home! The art piece displaying a forest is an art piece to be cherished always. All that see it are awed by it, and I'm proud and honored to have it! Your professionalism, skill, efficiency and kindness throughout the project are much appreciated.”
-client, Larkspur, CA
“In spite of his youth, Joseph is one of the most multi-talented artists that I have seen. The several pieces that I commissioned were designed and executed with the highest standard of artistry and integrity. In my opinion, there is no one else in the country with his eye and hand for design and intuitive approach to the creation of his art. Whether the media is painting, sculpture, metalsmithing, architectural or object design, Joseph Mross has the potential to be considered one of the greatest artists of the 21st Century."
-client, New York, NY
"The light fixtures you designed for our client are incredibly beautiful. Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with your work and how perfect they are in the house."
-Gomez Associates, New York, NY

“It’s rare to find an artist that is able to combine both craft and design that hits the mark on the Arts & Crafts philosophy. You obviously have…your work is great.”
-Kitty Turgeon, author, historian, Roycroft Shops
“I collect Arts & Crafts metalware, but the things Joseph Mross has made for me are my favorite possessions. Joseph is an artist of the old school. In the past couple of years, he has made me a remarkable repoussé copper fireplace surround, a wrought iron grate, and a stunning set of fire tools, among other things. Everyone who visits my home immediately exclaims over their beauty. His craftsmanship is of the highest standard and I recommend it without qualification.”
-client, West Islip, NY
“We received our copper repousse this week and it is lovelier than we hoped! The quality and the craftsmanship is outstanding. From my beginning inquiries, through the design process, to the finished art piece, Archive Designs professionals were helpful and courteous, correspondence was quick and easy. My husband and I are thrilled with the repousse. The custom design has so much meaning to us. I know we will get many years of enjoyment from it. Thank you again for making the whole design experience a pleasurable and memorable one."
client, Lafayette, CA
“You were extremely professional, accommodating and have considerable talent. Thank you for making the copper hood for our new kitchen. It is the centerpiece of a beautifully restored kitchen. The hood is designed exactly as we discussed and it was delivered earlier than expected. The mechanics are of high quality and the copper exterior is easy to maintain. Your ability to work within our budget and accommodate our schedule was greatly appreciated. We are long overdue in saying thank you for being so easy to work with and producing a beautiful, high quality and functional piece of art..”
-client, Bloomington, IL
"When friends walk into the room all they can say at first is just, 'Oh, wow!' Thank you for your fine work."
-client, Hinsdale, IL
"I'd rather have something that you're excited about than have something by Thanksgiving.  As I said before, you're work is worth waiting for.  Take your time."
-client, Boerne, TX
"Thank you so much for [the copper tiles], they are truly beautiful! We can't wait to show off your craftsmanship. It has been a pleasure working with you guys."

-client, Boise, ID
"I just finished the installation of the copper hood and blower and it's working perfectly. It's more beautiful than I could have imagined...and it's functional too! Thanks to your craftsmanship and continued help the copper hood fits beautifully in our work space. Again, thank you for your work and your help along the way."

-client, East Troy, WI
"If we ever need more work like this we'll be sure to use your company."
-client, Arlington, VA
“It was the most beautiful kitchen range hood I have ever seen. I had no idea that such a utilitarian object could be aesthetically pleasing as well."
-client, Eureka, CA
“Your work blew my mind... I loved what I saw on your website. I have seen nothing that compares to what you have to offer. Your hoods are not only hoods, but pieces of art, of incredible quality."
-client, NY
“I was up at our lake house last week and saw the hood... it is beautiful!! It really is a piece of sculpture and "finishes" the kitchen so well.”
-client, Bronxville, NY
“Every visitor to the house immediately comments on the fireplace. Although I love all my real antiques, the fireplace is the best--my heart lifts every time I see it, and you can’t put a price on that. In fact, my mother was getting all sentimental with my kids telling them that they were the treasures of our lives, etc., and I said, ‘Speak for yourself. My treasure is my copper fireplace.’ My kids thought it was funny, anyway.”
-client, Bay Shore, NY

“Joseph Mross has worked in collaboration with me on several of my projects. I am certain that those homes would not evoke the sense of warmth and depth of timelessness without his contributions to them. You can feel the spirit of camaraderie and sense of pride that emanates from their shop. It is quite inspiring. Joseph leads a team of metalsmiths that is reminiscent of those I imagine worked on the Gamble house by Greene & Greene.”
-James Givens, award-winning architect & professor of architecture, University of Oregon
“I just visited the Lodge At Torrey Pines. The bar fireplace hood is magnificent.”
-Theodore Ellison, leaded glass artist, Oakland, CA
“The hood surpassed all of our expectations. Mr. Mross’s design did more than justice to the legacy of metal workers from the Craftsman era. Although it serves a function, the copper hood is a piece of art. The hood always catches the attention of visitors to our home and more than one has commented how extradordinary it was that we had been able to find a vintage Craftsman hood is such perfect condition. We are proud to let them know it is a modern piece.”
-client, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
“I had found Archive Design’s web page and was impressed with what I saw on-line, but somewhat nervous about commissioning such a major piece by phone and fax. Joseph quickly allayed my fear with his artistry and professionalism. He produced a total of 14 different sketches of the fireplace hood during the design phase, working from photographs of the house and taking his cues from architectural details such as the half-timbering and the Scottish Arts & Crafts windows. The hood exceeded our expectations.”
-client, Chicago, IL
"You ordered a mirror...but you got a work of art."
-interior designer to client, Orchard Park, NY
Here’s another big thank you for our gorgeous stove hood. It is so extraordinarily beautiful and we are absolutely thrilled with it.
-client, Coburg Hills, OR
The fireplace screen looks absolutely perfect in front of my hearth - it is amazing how timeless the design is. It looks like it has been here since 1922 when the fireplace was built. Thanks again for your attention to my project.
-client, Portland, OR
“Holy-Moley. The hood came today and it is nothing short of spectacular. Well done."
-Mitchell Andrus, Roycroft Renaissance Artisan, Stirling, NJ
“A rather belated acknowledgment that I received the fire grate and my wife, my kids and I are crazy about it, and thanks for the cabernet. My wife and I drank it in front of the first fire that we made on the grate, and actually toasted you and your wonderful work of art. In short, we are beaming with pride in having your work in our home. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us."
-client, San Francisco, CA
“The fireplace screen arrived yesterday and we are thrilled with it. Thank you so much."
-client, Robstown, TX
“I love the work so much I can't thank you enough. It warms my heart every time I look at it. I'm so excited to see the next pieces!"
-Charlene, Larkspur, CA
“I'm purely interested in the best design and respect your creative process whatever path it takes. So with that said, don't worry about keeping me updated - just do your magic and let me know when you need anything from me. You have my complete confidence."
-repeat client, Portland, OR

When we saw your hammered copper portfolio cover, you had us before we even looked inside. We unanimously decided that if a space opened up at the show [Craftsman Weekend] it was yours.”
-Pasadena Heritage, historic preservation, Pasadena, CA
"The screens were delivered today and are beautiful!!! The "Tree of Personal Effort" screen is fantastic…it does indeed appear to be aptly named. Thanks for all your work. I look forward to our next project."
-repeat client, Charlotte, NC
"Your lobby fireplace screen is a work of art!"
-William M. Hughes, Associate Architect, Torrey Pines Lodge, La Jolla, CA
"The hood is beautifully crafted, fits like a glove and is complimentary to the entire kitchen decor. My wife was sure that the vintage Frank Lloyd Wright window would be the focal point of the kitchen and that no one would notice "that copper hood that you spent so much on." On the contrary, everyone notices the hood first and always comments on its beauty and craftsmanship."
-client, Claremont, CA
"...timeless works of art that will last centuries."
-client, Ann Arbor, MIch
“Thank you again, as we are very happy with this piece and it has completed the room for us. I am extremely pleased as it looks like it has been there all along, so much so, people don’t really notice it until they have been in the room for a while....and then they are amazed!.”
-client, CA
“Just wanted to tell you the hood looks magnificent and is the focal point of the kitchen. I also look forward to working again with you on the same clients’ next project at the beach.”
-architect, Houston, TX
“All we can say is WOW! The fireplace screen is absolutely breathtaking! We are so very happy with it. The installation was so easy and it is so beautiful! Your craftsmanship is superb!.”
-client, Redwood Valley, CA
“...thrilled with your elegant backsplash, which beautifully recapitulates the Conejos River that runs past the house.Thanks again for your excellent craftsmanship.”
-client, Antonito, CO
“We have had SO many compliments on the piece already! We are totally, completely, utterly, 100% thrilled with the piece. It’s perfect in every way.I just don't know how we could even express to you guys just how pleased we are. Best packaging job I've ever seen in my life, too. Once again, thank you for helping to make this remodeling project a truly unique one!”
-client, Westport, CT
“Got the copper repoussé panel yesterday and the more I look at it the more amazed I am by it...
It is gorgeous! Thank you very much.”

“It looks awesome. Truly perfect and just what we were looking for. We can't wait to install the piece.”
-client, CA