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This information will help you understand how to commission Archive Designs to create a unique custom piece for you. From initial inquiry to delivery of the finished project, we take pride in our attention to detail, demonstrated by a long list of happy clients. As a small studio we are able to give each client individual attention. While this may mean a longer lead time than a large manufacturer or local sheet metal shop, we feel that we are able to provide our clients with unique designs and individually-crafted metalwork unlike any available. We provide research and development, communication with clients, contractors, architects, or others involved in your project, sketching, CAD, modeling and renderings. While we are accustomed to working with clients across the county with e-mail, phone, fax and real mail, we can also visit the site if needed to discuss your project in person.


The Short Version:

~Check out our portfolio of work and let us know what you're thinking about doing.

~We'll get some specific ideas together for you to consider.

~When the design is right, sign off the design and send your deposit, your project is in the queue.

~We'll build beautiful heirloom piece for your home.

~Send us the final payment.

~We ship it in a sturdy crate to you. We'd love to get some pictures of it installed to show our next client.

The Long Version:

1) Review our CUSTOM PROJECTS portfolio to get a feel for our materials, craftsmanship, and the overall character of our work. Also review TEXTURES and FINISHES. If you are in a hurry or are on a tight budget check out our RANGE HOOD COLLECTION for a selected group of basic hoods and other items. This is also a good place to start for creating a custom design based on these basic shapes and configurations.

2) Provide as much information as possible: dimensions, photos of setting or inspiration, sketches, construction documents. This will ensure a more efficient process in turning your project into reality. If you're not exactly sure what to measure, just give us a call first and we'll gladly talk you through it.

3) Contact our design staff to discuss the possibilities for your project. For simple custom projects, we can usually give you an estimate within a day, if not immediately. More complex projects wil likelyl take longer, depending on how much research, design and communication involved.

4) Once we have the dimensions, photos and your preliminary thoughts we can begin working on ideas and costs for you to review. This includes creating sketches, CAD drawings, and revisions of design and proposal documents. Large and complex projects may require a design deposit to begin.

5) Upon acceptance of the project proposal and drawings, return a signed copy along with the deposit noted on your proposal, generally 50% of project.

6) We then add your project to the Production Schedule and begin detailed working drawings, discussions with our craftspeople and engineers, build tooling if needed, collect and prepare the materials and parts for your project. We may contact you for any necessary adjustments or opportunities as they come up.

7) The remaining balance on your project is due upon completion, prior to SHIPPING. We will let you know when it looks like we're getting close to finishing your project in order to ship it as soon as it is ready.

8) Once final payment is received, we will ship your project via FedEx Freight, Ground or Air (depending on the size of the crate), providing you with a tracking number to follow the SHIPPING progress.